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- publication -
The Society Friends of Jesus


Preface to the publication Friends of Jesus "From Handbook " :
● Introduction
At Kikusui Tower
 INN in Nara , “Friends of Jesus original members was formed by the teaching profession 's our thirteen meeted. Called by Toyohiko Kagawa pastores in previous October 5, 1921from now,. Japan at the time, was a dark social situation hopeless yet . Friend of Jesus to practice serving in determination by the light also listed in society like this , and you'll serve as the servant of Christ . It was those that are common to the practice of love and service furniture , of St. Francis . Practice as a network of territory friend of Jesus ,thet put up the next five principles...





1 . It devout is in Jesus .
  2 . To love the work on the become a friend of the poor person .
  3 . To strive for world peace .
  4 . That it pleased the life A chastity .
  5 . Be a fact of community service .




Photo the first meeting in 1922 at Tozanso Lodge

 As under the banner of five Object of these , members preached hard , and went out without saying a outlying farming , fishing village , with the city. Its work is very extensively , and developed beginning , nursing and salvation Lai farmers childcare , TB patients , and to workers , the cooperative movement children , women's layer , thus contributing also for world peace . Congregation and teaching while respecting each other 's position in the organization of interdenominational Christian ,Friends of Jesus is an organization of companionable and it Proceed beyond the local and national . Expand the education and training to train a successor movement of prayer and activities in the church , presentation of the Bible ( Gideon Association) , service to social welfare , co- evangelism , through the gospel schools, etc. Even now , this spirit has been passed down have .
Movement of the Society of Friends of the post Jesus is vigorous exercise , which plays a role of bridge connecting the church and society by , but every summer , members gathered to open the summer holy conference to do encouragement to each other , across the country everyday it is promoting the movement through the Division, located in various places , it has issued an till today a " PILLAR OF FIRE " journals .
n addition , through the Church of the Americas and Asian countries , we are providing relief work with the cooperation of the people of the countries to spread the field of view of foreign missions .
We hope along with the people who will agree to this effect , we would like to move forward with his hand .

- The words of Jesus -
Commandments " I am this . That as I have loved you , . People love one each other ye lay down his life for his friend , not Greater love than this . If you do what I command to you , you who , Chapter 15: 12-14  by gospel . " John” is a friend of me.


( Once a year ) tournament
( Twice a year , July- August February ) National Central Committee
Standing Central Committee ( twice a year , in June , October )

-East Branch Union - Tokyo Branch - Chiba Branch - Saitama Branch - Kanagawa Branch
-Los Angeles Branch ( California USA )
-Pillar do Sul Branch ( Sao Paulo Brazil )
-Ariansa - branch ( Sao Paulo Brazil )

-Central Branch Union - Hamamatsu Branch - Branch Mikawa - Nagoya Branch
-West Branch Union - Osaka Branch - Kagawa Branch - Kobe Branch

< Decision-making body >

1 . National Central Committee
 - Twice a year , July- August February

 (Twice a year , June 2 . Standing Central Committee , held in October , and in consultation determine the orientation of the meeting and management business plan , once other to discuss important issues determining the other one out .

< Configuration of the meeting >
(6 persons president , vice-president , secretary , treasurer , editor-in-chief pillar of fire , Executive Director , etc.) six roles headquarters
- Put each Committee (Optional)
And consulting (now four )
(1 other person present representative ) East, West , Central Union

Each local chapter is possible to hold a revival meeting and other meetings , such as monthly , put the committee .
• The provided in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture , in conjunction with the branch nationwide , headquarters Secretariat , to enforce the accounting office and general office of the meeting .

History of the Society of Friends of Jesus
- It is my friends if do that you tell me. –



October 5( 1921) l0 May , beginning , Friends of Jesus was formed by comrades of 14 people pastor of Nihonkirisuto-kyokai , the Toyohiko Kagawa Nara , in Kikusui Tower . Order follows the Franciscan Third Order , and strive to evangelism and service in the community and church , and I was determined to be Totomatsu the Object of five " devout , labor , peace , purity , service " of .
The birth of a major social force
  Initially it was launched in the Society of Friends of Jesus , and will give light to the world and Japan due to the Great Depression of the global economy of the First World War After the end , was covered with dark clouds , is necessary to cause a new religious movement had been brought home . According to the opinion of Toyohiko Kagawa , it is not to force the social members of the Church at the time they become all scattered in each church , there were aspirations without a united , do you wish to make to the major social forces by typing this .


 Then , five days from August 25, 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake just before , in Gotemba Higashiyama Chuang , has a retreat of the first times , Friends of Jesus gathered , deepen familiarity with each other , to pray together to discipline together and learn by , and so on, and it firmly faith . I suspect Society of Friends of Jesus began to unity across the country actually , when this is the first time . It will be said even if the history of the Society of Friends of Jesus , that it was an important meeting to be noted . In Tokyo branch , and is stimulated by the earthquake and the retreat of August , volunteer membership starts unexpectedly Tokyo Young Men's Christian Association in (YMCA) in 10 days after September , it joined the rescue operations of the meeting everyone worked together with prayer devotedly Te . Comrade of 20-30 people gathered in the early morning prayer meeting every Sunday , to learn by Toyohiko Kagawa and " Bible sociology " , or in the open air of the ruins , in the case of Rain , 6:00 in the morning in the gym , such as the remaining burnt I prayed from .


 At that time , it applied to comforted to do in Tokyo Young Men's Christian Association(YMCA) , worked in cooperation with members coming from the church , was in the center of Society of Friends of Jesus always . Aid business even when the paragraph , the spirit evolved into roadside evangelism ,prayer meetings in early morning prayer also becomes more and more prosperous , every Sunday , brothers and sisters of 70-80 people , Kanda for Japan indoctrination by Christian it is now praying gathered to Youth Association .

The basis of the five charter

In this way , comrades and Kagawa Toyohiko preached diligently as the basis of the five charter , the Yoko
 kyoku basis Poor , rural rehabilitation , women , children , education , the cooperative movement , Kyurai , chastity , to the world peace movement , etc. efforts have been made to participate .
Without distinction teaching , the congregation , to pray for world peace and salvation of Japan and strengthening of Christ Church , issue 10 times a year " pillar of fire " journals have meetings summer sacred conference , the tournament Other current , I have worked to strengthen unity of thought and interaction with members nationwide . ( 3,000 19th congregation extended ) 1985 from (Showa 60 years ) , and organized a national evangelism , and welcomed Dr.Lawrence Lacour and Mrs. from the United States in July 1986 , was carried out Centennial evangelism Toyohiko Kagawa birth. In 1988 ,

 He worked in distribution and publication of " Toyohiko Kagawa photo book " In addition , cooperation in various events of the Centennial Committee Toyohiko Kagawa birth .

As in Chapter 15, St.John old days here, and to heart your words , " If it does that you tell my , is a friend of mine " and , Friends of Jesus , Jesus within us say conceived , God is conceived . It is believed that would be a friend of Jesus of true faith by coalescence of sacred man , by agreement with the Spirit , and proceed to become one .
Successor to the history
It is more than 50 years Toyohiko Kagawa is togone heaven, but Friends of Jesus today is feeling a little sluggish . Comrades inherits the Kagawa spirit , one person becomes small Kagawa , for the modern mission of Friends of Jesus , and gathered in sacred conference , and discussed eagerly , while prayer , to respond to that era mission in what way you are praying in earnest and with or can be , so that it is given the ability and wisdom of the divine . Disciples of the Lord , the Holy Spirit of Christ is going down , the work of the great God in the Acts of the Apostles has been made to Ascension after Jesus , but we also pray seriously , in response to the Holy Spirit , each person of Society of Friends of Jesus We must become the successor history .
Collapse of the USA-Japan peace negotiations:
I sail the San Francisco merged with unfortunate thought ,
What Toyohiko Kagawa is poem in exchange boat board last .
Forget the sorrow
Pacific Ocean to cross
Connection of peace
The frown on chest

Leaving my sorrow behind
I will cross the Pacific Ocean,
Keeping in my heart
The ties of Peace
Toyohiko Kagawa

In San Francisco July 31, 1941
In 1941, the Japan Christian community sent a peace mission to the churches in America. It was at a time when Japan was. Getting mired down in its invasion of China, Kagawa Toyohiko was sent along with Abe Yoshimune Saito Soichi, and Kawai Michi. And on the private orders from Premire Prince Konoye Fumimaro, Kagawa stayed behind to hold negotiations for peace with President Roosevelt after the other members of the mission returned to Japan.








Leaving my sorrow behind

I will cross the Pacific Ocean,

Keeping in my heart

The ties of Peace

Toyohiko Kagawa

In San Francisco July 31, 1941,







Just when the negotiations seemed to be making some progress, the Japanese military opened up new attacks in French Indochina, thus making it impossible for the negotiations to continue. With much regret, Kagawa began his journey home. The day after writing this poem, Kagawa boarded the last repatriation ship to Japan, the Tatsuta Maru, departing from San Francisco on August lst. Later that year, E.Stanley Jones in New York and Kagawa Toyohiko in Matsuzawa issued a joint call for week-long prayers for peace beginning on December 8. Just as the final night of prayer ended on the morning of December 8, the Japanese Military opened its attack on Pearl Harbor, starting the Pacific conflict in World War IInd.
In San Francisco July 31, 1941
Christian community in Japan sent a peace mission to the church of the United States in April 1941 . It was a time when aggression against China of Japan had quagmire . Together with Abe Yoshimune Kawai Michi, Soichi Saito , Toyohiko Kagawa was also dispatched . After received secret orders from the Konoe Fumimaro  , mission returned home also remained in the United States , he was hit in the negotiations of peace with President Roosevelt at this time . Because when I saw negotiations on whether progress has been made , the Japanese military was invaded Hotokeshirushi new , negotiations will not proceed , and attached to the return trip home with a disappointing thought .
August 1 of the next day I wrote this, was aboard the ship exchange Tatsuta round of last resort to departed San Francisco . December of that year , Stanley Johnse in New York , in Matsuzawa , and in concord , Toyohiko Kagawa et al - one week from the 1st , opened the prayer meeting for peace . The 8th December the prayer meeting vigil is over , just to attack Pearl Harbor , Pacific Ocean war began the Japanese army .
Society of Friends held summer Summer Sacred Conference list of Jesus In 92 years at the convention to be held in August of this year summer HijiriOsamu-kai of the first round since it was held in 1923 8 ( 1923 ) Gotemba Higashiyama Chuang , has been adjourned three times during World War II , it was a tournament where the 89 th is not held .

Society of Friends, representative list Friends of Jesus

l.) The following people hit the enforcement of business as caretaker primarily representative , before the war , had assisted the Central Committee selected from each branch and headquarters for this organization and operation of the Society of Friends of Jesus . Therefore none of institutional called a clear central committee , but in the initial , Kiyoshi Yoshida and Toyohiko Kagawa has been recommended as under advisors: .
Tanetugu Fukada 

Motojiro Sugiyama               

Seiichi Ogawa  

Masaru Takeuchi,             

Kenichiro  Sugiyama            

Noriyuki Murashima  .
2 ). Was in the responsibility Kagawa and Hull Toyohiko Kagawa ( that you were using a one time chairman name is also there in the recording ) is the central chairman of the second World War .
3 ).He gone after Toyohiko Kagawa , central chairman of the 1960 ( 1960 ) and later has led to the current and follow the indications below .
Those who were in key positions of representative
< Representative change in the chairman title from chairman from 2009 >
1960 GenJiro Yoshida
1963 Yasutaro Goto
1965 Hiroyoshi Kaneda
1967 Shiro Kuroda
1970 Tamotsu Hasegawa
1972 Sotaro Yamazaki
1974 Seiichi Honda
1976 Shuichi Ogawa
1978 Seiichi Honda
1980 Tamotsu Hasegawa
1988 Masuo Kaneko
1992 Masahiro Ishida
1997 Masuo Kaneko
1999 Akira Ogata
2005 Kunichi Hanamori
2009 Takehito Suzuki (now chairman )


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 I  First mission statement It Devout is in Jesus Our Missions

It embraced the five charter , comrade friend of our Jesus , we have a mission the poor , those that mourn , those that can not be comforted , that you bloom like a flower of the field side nestling deep love in my heart of what cry . I love working , and respect for peace and human rights , and respect a holy life in the purity , full glory in t for community service , is the mission for which it was imposed on the friend of Jesus .

It is the " thing Devout in is in Jesus " in the first of five general principles , but the root that supports ideologically Section 4 of the rest , offering a very This paragraph . Well, what is a " devout " . For drafters , Toyohiko Kagawa of five general principles , and that is a main body of religion , feelings that live for the Absolute , thought , it was action . Activation of the universe intention , it was a character of experience itself perched life not only it . This means that feelings of immersion in God and piety , worship mind what A divine , I worship a heart . So, what is a life Devout . It is the practice of prayer life .
Society was established was also a friend of the first prayer . Organization and service of prayer for the " social practice of Atonement Love " what 's the Society. In the root of piety , prayer is the way of the best experience of God . You will be given guidance of a strange God only on what you pray . As the paradigm , it is possible to increase the movement of pietism Shupena that occurred south Germany of the 17th century . And abandoning the doctrine doctrinaire , he preached the execution of the Bible by the laity , family worship , a life of love .  Franke that is sympathetic to it built a poor school in Halle , causing evangelism company and publishing public schools, orphanages , printing Subsequently, the pro bono team , Diakonisse that It was able by his disciple , et al .

The pious humility
Finally, the pious to God is humility to others . ( Philippians 2:3) humility is the beauty of sacred, it is also the basis of the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ . Why do not we to walk so as not to fall into spiritual pride . " The enemy who proud , God will give us grace to the humble " I . ( Part I Peter 5:5) humility is the Hua cross and to bud .
To love the work on the become a friend of the poor 's
 Work is sacred
In the old days , it was thought to be a labor and lowly thing , but as a carpenter's son , Jesus Christ , was an adult while working . It came to be called " labor is sacred ," and from this fact . Toyohiko Kagawa wrote , " for the sake of his friend , carpenter Jesus was a labor of love to borrow bread wake in the middle of the night a friend in the neighborhood ," and his book on " labor theory of worship " .
God is a " producer , Jesus is still the world since the beginning of " half of the people in today's world is worshiped Jesus . It is of that because he entered the working class he abandoned the heavens " also We also Sunday because I work
I'm writing it also , "said labor . I think the underlying idea of this book is to be a human being in front of God .
Analysis of the working spirit of Christ
Kagawa has been an analysis of the working spirit of Christ to write a sermon entitled " working life with Christ " in the No. 69 pillar of fire .

Purpose labor
The first is that it is not things that would make the liquor and weapons , " that is the purpose of God , to work for the true, the good and the beautiful " and " objective labor " , " labor is sacred " or more is that .
Service labor
For " service work " , Christ is said to be " not because the Son of Man have come to be served , to serve " in the second . Throw away the idea that to be a human head , in the spirit of " servant service " , to work is essential . Himself , Christ also wind the towel at the waist , has washed the feet of his disciples .
The third is " drudgery " . This is the practice of drudgery that you are willing to be reluctant of people . The movement of Deaconess in German, where you as it began this spirit , caused the movement in this ENSHU Christ school in Hamamatsu , there were applicants Author of 60 people . Students are reluctant to work , aimed at employment in banks and securities firms collapse of the bubble before , but now , it is now aiming a solid production company . And learned the teachings of our ancestors and the Bible , friend of Jesus , should cause a "Campaign to love the work ."

III Third Mission Statement

That you strive for world peace

 Peace is the keynote of life that desire equally of mankind . Rather than stability of human nature by without peace , without improvement of life , there is no development of culture , much less . Great writer Victor Hugo, the French say, " deep sea . Than deep but it's heaven . Deep than the heavens . The heart of man" and . Be used for taking advantage of the well-being of humanity and peace with God , the heart of this people is profound , is the working of Christ who is the world .
Hope for world peace

The root of the conflict to disturb the peace , while economic problems , ethnic , religious is always lying . We must go to elaboration constantly , the way to resolve the dispute without having to place the emphasis while here , damaging the precious human life deign than God , without the use of force . The ambassador to the end of the Gulf War , the United Nations showed wrinkles form of one of the world government initiative . Is a signpost of the coming new era , World Federalist Movement which aims to reorganized the United Nations , to create a world government by the " world law" , to rule as federal and international is a star of hope for world peace . EC ( European Community ) will be his one model . After World War II , World Federalist Movement in Japan , raised the first cry by pioneer Yukio Ozaki , of Toyohiko Kagawa , et al . Former teacher Kagawa was also greatly promote cooperation in this exercise , but for the world peace ,Friends of Jesus must inherit the new hope and minds now .
 Hardships of pioneer road
The strong commitment to the spirit of the Constitution , while and seek world peace centered on the United Nations , the export ban and the production of arms , instead hit the " sword , and a plow , Applications of travel of Japan , sickle by changing out the spear it is not addition to the " do it to the best of one's ability to removal of any war cause . Spirit "Open for Man-sei peace " and " peace constitution " is singing the goal should head of the human race . We preach this ideal spirit without flinching , but have to be prepared , not willing also Tsuigai and ridicule and sacrifice to it . Hardship is a way of pioneer . Friend of Jesus members want are those that bear the honor .

Able to honor the life chastity A fourth Platform

IV Haguneia ( chastity )


The word ( Haguneia " Greek ") that , moral purity , is used for love and marriage in the New Testament , especially chastity . The social ethics of Protestant , you are collectively keeping correctly the sexual relationship between men and women . On the basis of the seventh commandment of the Ten Commandments to " shall not commit adultery " , Jesus also taught more thoroughly in the Sermon on the Mount , the Church has had a big sense of community in this . In Protestant , unlike the Catholic chastity view , seen as order of the creation of God marriage , moreover it is to argue the correct clean of sexual relations between men and women way .
Thus it is considered by applying dating men and women before marriage , married life after marriage , the dating of men and women in society , chastity , and is important as a basic raw embedding social base... It is advocated by taking Christian lady Kyofu-kai , Salvation Army , the YMCA in Japan , waste exercise , by the strict opinion of monogamy , right of men and women open engagement and purification of home and marriage in Japanese society , and has contributed to the concept .
Anguish of Toyohiko Kagawa
For chastity , deep distress had been dogged from the time of its birth Toyohiko Kagawa teacher . Sometimes I confessed , "I am . , Which is a child of the concubine " he said. However, it has been consecrated and converted by the Atonement of Christ love . I kept shouting the need of chastity with ministry of the gospel diligently from this serious experience . The cooperation in the waste to movement of other Christian women Moral Reform Association , was campaigning in the " purity " actively . Also , keen to temperance , non smoking movement , describes the harm by increasing the number , to determine the reflection on the people . I've been a guide to action I specify these points to "25 Claim" in Society of Friends of Jesus . Substance supremacy , hedonistic tendencies is strong recently , sexual morality disturbance , those that travel to Southeast Asia in the shady interest in the population increases, it is contempt criticism from abroad . Problem of AIDS has become serious . There is a climate of secularization churches , drinking , smoking also many , chastity has also been neglected . The friend of Jesus , there is a need to statistics to recognize the reality of these , shouting life A chastity .
V Fifth Mission Statements community service
s one of the basic idea truly is as a member of the Society of Friends of Jesus
Christianity and service
Jesus Christ , that it is not that the mission itself is served , that we serve , revealed that in the [ English ] Service [ Greek ] Diakonia) service is also the mission of Christ 's .
Christian (Gospel Mark is10:43 to 45
It is served in this Jesus Christ therefore , to serve Jesus Christ , to the neighbors , to church , and specifications in society
You are norms of the life that you obtain . The concrete representation of service God , of savior, is a worship , service to neighbor is to help those who suffer from poverty physical or mental . The service of the latter, between members of the Church in
Some of the service , and service to the world outside of church . Toyohiko Kagawa , placed an emphasis on community service by the friend of Jesus .
Evangelism and service
In prison , missionary John the wilderness heard that you did you of Christ . Therefore, we sent the disciples of their own
I was allowed to ask To. Person who is to come " or would you . Or , do I have to wait towards the other . " Jesus came to answer . Please convey to John that you have seen and heard to go " . Blind person looks , blind people foot walk , a person suffering from leprosy is clean , people who do not deaf to hear , dead to arriving
Have been informed of the gospel told the poor.

People who do not trip over Blessed is . (Gospel Matthew )
What words of Jesus that is the answer of John 11:3 - 6) baptism , in quality between for Jesus , Jesus
I appears to be the norm for the practice of Atonement love .
Have been informed of the gospel told to the poor . People who do not trip over I am Blessed . I suspect the words of Jesus that is the answer to John the Baptist ( Matthew 11:3 - 6 Gospel ) " , in quality between what in Jesus , to be the norm for the practice of Atonement Love of Jesus .
Execution of Atonement Love
In the Gospel , is the thing that can be done to hear these words of "I have all like a man had kidney was built his house on a rock . Also ( Matthew 7:24 ) , Jesus is Lord" and "I , to the crowd and his disciples , it was preached in a firm voice with . " while called " Lord , why not done to me . Faith are those who died without the life conduct unless accompanied in this way . I will combined with the teachings of James and (James 2:17 manual ) . Currently , Japan is a rich place you are too blessed to material . In exchange for it , I became poor mentally . Person who is going to serve to the society truly is small. From now on , the people who wholeheartedly in rich goods , overseas , and in need in the lives of Southeast Asia in particular , friend of Jesus want encouragement to take the lead in the work of the service that to give your hand of love .


 Friends of Jesus 25 (twenty five) claim
● Friends of Jesus , with 25 claim in addition to the five general principles .
1 .  Achievement of personality and social organization
2 .  Establishment of proper marital relationship by love
3 .  Execution of Christ basis brotherhood
4 .  Global unity of Christ 's
5 .  Proposal of ten million people salvation movement of Christ in Japan 's
6 .  Installation of cyclic evangelism team
7 .  Thorough Christian education
8 .  Cooperation of the Epistle to education devotees training
9 .  Protection of human rights at home and abroad
10 . Dissemination of the document evangelism
11 . Perfection of character labor union
12 . Penetration of workers evangelism
13 . Promotion of overseas missions
14 . Realization of non- war society ( peace constitution creeds )
15 . Development of the United Nations , efforts to achieve World Federalist Movement
16 . Thorough temperance , non smoking
17 . Advocated social cleanup
18 . ( Expulsion of the drug epidemic ) to protect the innocence of youth
19 . Promotion of child welfare
20 . Establishment of Christian social welfare
21 . Promotion of volunteer movement
22 . Establishment of cooperative
23 . Execution of volunteer social service
24 . Spread of three-dimensional agriculture
25 . Dissemination of research Toyohiko Kagawa

The " national convention and retreat "
Friends of Jesus , formed after October 5, 1921 , to August 25, 1923 , tournament and 1st retreat since been held , open for wartime except it was not him , three times to 20 years in 1943 of ( 1943-1945 years) since its formation , it has led to the current so as to overlap the convention and retreat of 86 times in 90 years .
Brethren life conception
If you look back the status of then , in the Kanto and Kansai , will be held twice in the same year . In one time , there was a time when as gospel school Kansai winter , and with the retreat of the two times a year was added to the 3 days to New Year two days . Comrades in the whole country has been gathered twice once to a year , to pray to God together , as well as learn the Bible , listen to remarks lecturer and senior , and wearing a new knowledge , retreat Jesus truly want to make a community of love of faith as cooperating to be close to , shown a way of life to live in society at that time , to have impressed by the Holy Spirit , go back to the post of each , Toyohiko Kagawa was thinking evergreen . Deployment such as " architecture guild business and Tokyo Resurrection Mutual Aid Association " further
More , Franciscan third Board follows the Secular Order for general believers , Kagawa was ideal monasticism by prayer and labor . It suggests that it was about to be made
​​based on the life Brethren conception of Kagawa .
The need for inheritance
Retreat of the Society of Friends of Jesus continues in an unbroken line also gone after Kagawa , even though smaller , the lights are still continued today are backed by prayer comrades .



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